Do you have the Strategies & Tactics for your business that allows you to produce EXPONENTIAL GROWTH without stress and overwhelm?
10 principles to EXPONENTIALLY grow your REVENUES without spending another penny On advertising OR MARKETING!
Immediately identify areas that are under performing and how to fix them! 

No longer wonder why your business isn't achieving the results it should!
Do you suffer from the BIGGEST problem facing business owners today?
The Clutter Factor
Would you agree that in today's world, advertisements are everywhere?

From the moment you wake up until you go to bed, you and every single consumer are bombarded with thousands of commercial messages, 99% of which have ZERO IMPACT.
What has this done to your dollars?
Companies shell out 23 times more money each year in advertising, marketing and sales than they did just 50 years ago.

It would be nice if the sharp increase in the cost of sales also meant that we are now 23 times more effective at selling. We're not.

Sales effectiveness has fallen dramatically.
Less mystery in the information age
Great selling is great educating.

Once upon a time, no one really knew what made great  salespeople. It was a mystery.

Some thought  all it took to be good at sales was a good personality. Some thought  it was the courage to ask for the order.

Today, many studies tell us precisely what makes excellent sales people.

The single most important trait found in all top producers is an unbridled passion to help the customer...

Even if they resist you all the way.

Top producers really believe that what they sell is valuable and important.

But top producers also do several other things, which can be easily modeled, and then built into your organization.

When you do this, business skyrockets. But also, everything  will simply run a heck of a lot better.
Two Traits of People that go from ZERO to $100 MILLION DOLLARS
The first and most important trait is decisiveness.

The person who is going to run an empire (whether hired into the position,or building it from scratch) is a very decisive person.

These are the people who make the big decisions,often with a total lack of proof. They trust their gut instinct They make the decisions to pursue a path that others are too timid to pursue.

They decide to change direction,hire new people,fire weak people.

Bottom line, they are decisive and they are decisive quickly.They simply don't hesitate.

The second trait of empire builders or at the very least. successful people who have a business that runs without them, is that they are systematic.

They do things predictably.

We can help you with this trait more readily than with decisiveness, because decisiveness is a more innate personality trait that is difficult to teach people (though not impossible,and you'll see how).
2X Thinking Is "What I Can Do?"

10X Thinking Is "Who Can Help Me?" 

Understanding this important distinction between Strategies and Tactics is like multiplying all of your marketing activities without spending a single additional dollar

  • Stop chasing unicorns and bright shiny objects!
  • ​ Reduce Overwhelm! 
  • ​Target Your Best Customers/Clients
  • ​Generate More Leads
  • Build a rock star team that supports you!
  •  Brand & Market for a lifetime of results!
With proven strategies in place your business will grow without being distracted by bright, shiny objects. 

Schedule your no-obligation, 30-Minute Laser Focused Discovery Call with Me. I will help you identify weaknesses and how to immediately remove them! 
  • Review your business - what's working & what isn't.
  • Deep Dive: We'll look at your goals and what's holding you back from achieving them
  • We'll outline a plan that will get you where you want to go and how the Business Growth & Domination System can get you there!
Focus on the key areas of competency and YOU will transform your business into a well oiled machine.

Implement the Business Growth & Domination System Blueprint group coaching program. Start increasing your revenues and have your business working for YOU! 
  • Invest in your business
  • Join our community of like minded business owners who are on the same journey as you. 
  • Begin the modulated training program with twice a month LIVE Q & A training calls.
  • ​Get Answers For All Your Business Questions When You Need Them
"Since about 2000, Mike has been a consultant to our company and has helped in developing new products as well as new markets for BIO2 product line throughout the world. He has developed a significant presence for us and for many of our customers on the internet and I would rank Mike as among our nation’s best “direct-selling” marketing consultants.

His efforts for our company alone has generated millions of dollars in sales revenues and introduced us to new customers that have become a long-lasting part of the BIO2 family around the world.

I have absolutely no hesitation in endorsing and recommending Mike to you in any capacity including marketing (especially internet), sales and sales training, product and media development and public relations."
- Stephen R. Krauss, Ph.D.
BIO2 International, Inc.
"From my our first meeting Mike really made me think about what it was I wanted for my company, structuring my goals and ideas in a way that I’d never thought of before, helping me focus on the things that really mattered to me and how I could go about achieving them, ultimately helping us reach goals we’ve never accomplished before."
- J Marshall Hunt
Director of Sales & Marketing
"There are rare people in life that you meet that can genuinely expand your mind...Mike is one of them.

I've had the pleasure of working with Mike and would highly recommend anyone considering doing so make every effort to enhance their life and their business by seeking him out.

Mike has this uncanny knack for seeing what everyone else sees and coming up with a global solution.

Do yourself a favor, sell your car, mortgage your house, crawl over hot burning coals...find a way to work with and your organization will be better off for the experience."
- Dan Swanson
Nitro Marketing
"Over the years, I have worked with Mike on multiple web projects: site design, GUI/UX, traffic analysis, lead conversion, shopping cart abandonment, and Facebook ad campaigns. Mike is driven by statistics and testing. He is a strategist and a master tester. He doesn't spend time in an echo chamber wondering if this or that design will boost conversions: he gets it built, tests it, modifies it, re-tests it... until it gets results. The proof of the pudding is in the converting of visitors into leads, of leads into clients, of clients into evangelists. What matters to Mike is your top line and your bottom."
- Phil Chavanne
Head of SEO & GUI/UX, Designer & Photographer
"Mike Maunu is the consummate professional.  He and his team are masters of their craft.  If you have a digital marketing need -- from web development to social media marketing -- I would not hesitate to utilize their services.  The work product we received from Mike "blew us away".  It was Fortune 500 caliber with affordable pricing.  I would happily recommend this company for all your digital marketing needs."
- Darrell Hornbacher
Midas Financial Company
"Mike Maunu is a marketing expert for B2C and B2B businesses who can help leverage your expertise and core competencies to grow revenues.  Mike takes time to learn your business and develop a real relationship with you the owner to become your trusted marketing advisor.  I highly recommend Mike to help you develop your brand and grow your business beyond your expectations. Call Mike today and setup a meeting because every day you delay is a day of lost sales."
- Keith McAslan
Blackford Capital
Operating Partner
"Mike Maunu is THE BIG IDEAS GUY! An excellent business development coach, he will push you to set aside your hesitations and qualms and work with you to propel your business to heights you never imagined possible. At first, it’s a bit scary working with Mike, as he takes you out of your comfort zone. But then you realize that significant business growth is not possible from being comfortable. As Mike says, “trust the process.” That’s what I have done and I am already seeing an increase in prospective new clients in just six weeks of working with Mike."
- Steven Howard
Caliente Leadership
Leadership Coach/Keynote Speaker
"Mike and his team are absolutely extraordinary!  They bring you and your business to the forefront by utilizing the latest technologies available to make your business grow!  They take all the guess work and stress out of being on the cutting edge.  Highly recommenced Mike and his team if you want to see your revenue grow!"
- Shannon Shea, MSW
Elder Love USA, Inc
Executive Director
"Mike is a "Internet Marketing 'Genius' when it comes Mobile Marketing. His concepts and strategies are always on the cutting edge. He brings new and innovative ways to the table that will expand and maximize your profit potential.

     Mike has the ability to think outside the box and is a true professional and a leader in his field."
- Walter Leonard Marchand Jr.
Marchand Brothers Construction LLC
"Mike is incredibly knowledgeable about marketing businesses online and offline. He is so well connected in the industry that he can craft solutions to almost any marketing problem with ease. Mike excels as a coach and trainer and I couldn't recommend him more highly."
- Jerry Peterson - PMP - CSM
UnitedHealth Group
Program Manager
"In the short amount of time that I've worked with Mike, he's proven to be an honest and reliable contact. He's a superb communicator, offers great expertise, and is very easy to work with."
- Tina W.
Tina Wilson International
Self-Leadership Coach
"Mike is excellent to work for. He keeps on top of deadlines, but is flexible enough to know that sometimes unforeseen situations arise that have to be dealt with and flexible enough to be able to accommodate a change in project deadline.

I would highly recommend working with Mike as a client or business partner."
- Jennifer Hensley
Jenz Transcription Services
Meet Mike 
Mike is a serial entrepreneur over the past 40+ years either as an investor, founder, executive or business coach.
He’s responsible for multiple companies that have done 8 and 9 figures in annual revenue in multiple countries, helped train over 50,000 reps in the direct sales industry and managed over 100+ employees at a time.

Having worked or coached in over 100 different businesses in about 75 different industries he makes it his mission to work with those who want to be the preeminent go-to-leader in their marketplace and only works with a few select clients at a time. 

With COVID affecting s many business owners who need help he recently made the decision to launch a group program in order to help more people attain the growth they deserve and help guide them through the current economic climate.

Another one of his biggest successes was a consumer product that launched in 2002 that sold for $59. It sold $3 million dollars in the first year and has gone on to sell over $100 million dollars to date.

He’s worked with companies like a chain of upscale Mexican restaurants in NY, law firms, health care, insurance, cosmetic surgeons, professionals, service based companies, etc. He’s also partnered with companies like AT&T and Mattel Toys to name a few.

He has a digital media agency and also runs a health supplement company. It doesn’t matter the industry, he knows what drives business and sales.

He currently lives in the Palm Springs area of California with his beautiful bride Cindi and his 21-year old son Alex who is following in his footsteps and helps run the digital agency and all social media activities.

His daily companion is Abraham, his 18-year old Shih Tzu who even has his own product named after him, Abe’s Oils. He’s an avid golfer and loves his L.A. Dodgers and USC Trojans.
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