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How I used four letters to create one single ad that sold over $100 million dollars
These 4-Letters are the foundation of every ad or marketing piece we create for ourselves and our clients.

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3-ways to exponentially grow your business!
There are only 3-ways to grow your business exponentially, where 1+1=3. There's a 4th way and that's by adding systems and reducing overhead. However, the majority of business owners fail in implementing the first 3. Do you?

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The MOST important number to know when it comes to growing almost ANY business!
If you don't know this number then you will never grow your business to it's fullest potential. Know this number and know what you can spend to acquire a client/customer. 

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How to achieve maximum leverage, from your time, ability, and organization!
Less is more. Do you spend countless hours on tasks that mean nothing to your bottom line? Are you distracted by bright shiny objects or tactics that do nothing to support your true growth strategy?

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How to NEVER have to compete on price again!
Are you always competing on price? Are you prospects always wanting a deal or better price? If so, then it's because you haven't separated yourself from the competition. You are a commodity and will always be competing on price until you develop a USP/UVP!

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Business Growth Lunch and Learn - Strategy Vs Tactics
Understanding this important competency is like multiplying all of your marketing abilities without spending a single additional dollar.
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